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Fordingbridge retirement development, Chevrons Living, will be offering free therapy for veterans living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The respite and retirement complex will host Counsellor, Intuitive Life Coach, and Holistic Practitioner, Joanne Sims, who will be providing individual Rewind Therapy (RT) sessions. Sessions will be available twice a month to residents of Chevrons Living who meet the criteria for Rewind therapy.

These consultations will be conducted in a strictly confidential setting, assuring the privacy and comfort of all attendees.

Joanne, who launched her coaching and therapy service, Joanne Sims Wellbeing, in 2019, said: “I’m passionate about providing holistic and a ‘person-centred’ care approach for every person, and strongly believe that wellbeing is for all, no matter the person’s situation.

“By partnering with Chevrons Living in their ongoing commitment to supporting the well-being of veterans, we are pleased to offer these sessions at no cost to them, subject to an initial assessment prior to commencing their treatment. Additionally, the therapy is open to other individuals living with PTSD, for which a fee of £260 for assessment, treatment and follow up session will be applicable.”

Internationally recognised to rapidly treat PTSD, RT has been considered a successful alternative to many exposure therapies, as it does not require the patient to disclose any details of their trauma.

“People have seen great results with RT, as it efficiently helps traumatised individuals to reprocess the traumatic memory in a way that doesn’t require them actually discussing the traumatic incident itself which understandably appeals to many people – that’s why it’s known as closure without disclosure,” said Joanne. ” Most of the time, patients only need two or three sessions, and studies show that they experience a significant decrease in their symptoms on completion of the treatment.”

In the UK, approximately 6.665 million individuals are expected to experience PTSD or Complex PTSD during their lifetime. When reporting accurate figures, PTSD among veterans is challenging to quantify accurately due to underreporting.

However, despite the overall low incidence rate of PTSD at 0.1% (or 1 in 1,000 individuals), studies have identified a significantly elevated risk among military personnel who have been deployed to conflict zones such as Iraq or Afghanistan. Specifically, these veterans face a 70% increased risk of developing PTSD compared to those who have not been deployed.

Those living with PTSD can experience a range of symptoms, often debilitating. The condition can show up as unwanted memories, nightmares, and flashbacks of a traumatic event, making someone feel like it’s happening all over again. It can also lead to strong upset or physical reactions to things that remind them of the trauma, making them avoid certain places and feel very down or disconnected from others.

Barry Robbins, CEO of Chevrons Living said: “We believe that everyone who has served should have the opportunity to live with peace and tranquillity.

“Partnering with Joanne Sims Wellbeing to offer Rewind Trauma Therapy is a pivotal step towards providing the care and support that our servicemen and women deserve. It is just one of the ways we can show gratitude for their contributions, by ensuring they have access to effective treatments for PTSD.”

For more info on the Rewind Therapy at Chevrons Living, please call Joanne on 07470 598600 or email Joanne at

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