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Is Moving Closer To Your Family A Good Thing

Moving closer to family when you’re older might seem like an easy decision to make on the surface. Better connections, help at hand and more opportunities to see your grandchildren for starters.

But for many people, it can be a more complex decision than it seems at first thought.

You may have strong roots in the area you live in now, stable social connections and you might really love the place that you live. These aren’t easy things to leave behind.

Deciding whether it’s right to move closer to family is a decision that you need to give careful thought and consideration to.

We’ve outlined some of the things you might want to think about.

Can you afford to move to the area?

Moving closer to your family may seem idyllic, but what sort of house or flat would you be able to buy or rent? Property and rent prices can vary hugely between areas so take some time to consider whether you can afford to maintain your current lifestyle where your family lives.

Is there affordable accommodation for retired people? Would you have to downsize in order to move there? How far would your budget stretch and what might you have to compromise on?

Things like Council Tax and utility bills can also vary from region to region so it’s worthwhile comparing prices and plans well in advance to give you an accurate picture of what it will cost to live there.

Even prices of food and meals out can be different depending on the local area, so a little research will help give you an informed picture.

Will it affect your quality of life?

You may have established strong social connections and have stable access to clubs and groups that you regularly attend where you currently live. In fact, according to research by AgeUK, creative and cultural participation is the biggest factor in wellness later in life. So it’s understandable if you’re reluctant to leave this behind to be closer to family.

Start investigating whether the clubs or activities you enjoy are available in the area that your family lives in. If they do run, find out how far you’d need to travel to get to them or if they’re on an accessible bus route.

There are, however, some huge positives to moving closer to your family for a better quality of life. Even back in 2017, researchers were beginning to discover that close family connections helped older people avoid loneliness and live longer. Being closer to your family can have a hugely positive effect on your social life and your connection with them.

There’s also a benefit to having family close at hand if you need help getting to hospital or medical appointments, or out and about to do shopping or errands.

Can you maintain your independence?

You might still want to live a full and independent life, so moving closer to your family needs to be able to blend connection and community with independence and flourishing.

How you maintain your independence is up to you. You might want to look at renting a room in a retirement community, giving you plenty of opportunities to connect and have a full social life while removing the hassle of maintaining a property.

Or you might want to buy and live somewhere by yourself, that is central to shops and amenities and on convenient bus routes for getting you out and about.

Independence might look slightly different now from how it did in the past, but it’s important that you consider what you want from moving closer to family. Any compromises you make need to be ones that you’re happy with in the long run.

How do your family feel?

This might seem like an unusual question, but it’s important to factor in how your family feel about your move. Are you hoping to move closer to them and see them every day? Will they have time for that, or will they want to see you regularly? Are you hoping that they will care for you as you get older? Have you had this discussion? Do they want you to move closer so that you can look after your grandchildren, and is this something you want to commit to?

It’s vital that you both understand what you’re hoping to achieve from the move so there’s no confusion or hidden expectations.

It may be a difficult conversation to have, but it will save potential disruption and disappointment further down the road if you’re all clear on what moving closer to your family will look like and how it might work.

Before you take the plunge and move closer to your family, it’s important that you ask yourself all these important questions. It’s a big decision and one that has to be right for you.

If you’re considering moving to the New Forest to be closer to your family, then why not come and take a look around our retirement community to see if it’s a good fit for you? Email us or call on 01425 200 428.

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